Scout and Roost is a food, travel, life and photo blog run by Tami Seymour. It was started out of a love for self-publishing and storytelling. It is a way to always be creating and exploring, sharing, becoming a better photographer, story-teller and cook. It’s a way to keep learning and growing. As with all projects, it’s a journey. Thanks for following along. 

Tami is a photographer based in Philadelphia. She spent 15 years building a career as a designer, art director and business owner. In 2001 she co-founded, along with her husband Tim Singer, a boutique design studio. In 2009, they closed shop to focus on their family and to refocus on their careers. These days if she is not behind a camera or computer, she spends as much time as possible with her four favorite people, Tim and their three kids – Stella, Ruby and Ian. Otherwise she is either on her bike, running through the trails or swimming in some body of water (which is usually just a pool but “body of water” sounds way more exciting).

You can also find  her at:
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Quick note about the food on this blog: all of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

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